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PROMETHEUS and Visage Technologies make you healthier while you work
/ 2015 03 10 /

PROMETHEUS is a real time posture and eye health tool that can integrate seamlessly with any wellness platform in the world.

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Skoda´s new campaign uses Visage Technologies eye tracking
/ 2015 02 13 /

Visage Technologies eye tracking technology is used to produce a striking effect in Fight for Attention, a new marketing campaign from Skoda.

Conceived by creative agency 18 Feet & Rising, this interactive online experience was developed and built in partnership with production company B-Reel using eye tracking technology developed by Visage Technologies.

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FaceRig now available on Steam!
/ 2014 09 02 /

FaceRig, a program that enables anyone to digitally embody various characters using only a webcam, is now available for download on Steam.

Holotech Studios, company who developed FaceRig, uses Visage Technologies face tracking software to provide the end-user with a real time head and face tracking.

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New Disney´s application uses Visage Technologies FaceTrack
/ 2014 07 07 /

The application Rat Booth uses FaceTrack to map a rat´s face onto your own and follows your movements as you look up and down, frown, blink and gaze.

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Face Detection and Tracking on Chips
/ 2014 02 17 /

Through a partnership with Xylon, an electronics company focused on FPGA IP cores and application solutions, Visage Technologies Face Detection and Tracking is becoming available on the Xilinx® Zynq®-7000 All Programmable SoC architecture, with the first working demo to be presented at embedded world 2014.

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