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Frames of Life – new immersive experience by Armani
/ 2015 04 10 /

Italian famous fashion label Giorgio Armani has launched his new ‘Frames for Life’ campaign in order to promote 2015 eyewear collection.

By reminding us that our eyes act as windows to the soul, Armani says that these windows deserve beautiful frames. A very emotive and scenic film which you can see below, together with a well-crafted story brings you an interactive experience like no other.

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PROMETHEUS and Visage Technologies make you healthier while you work
/ 2015 03 10 /

PROMETHEUS is a real time posture and eye health tool that can integrate seamlessly with any wellness platform in the world.

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Skoda´s new campaign uses Visage Technologies eye tracking
/ 2015 02 13 /

Visage Technologies eye tracking technology is used to produce a striking effect in Fight for Attention, a new marketing campaign from Skoda.

Conceived by creative agency 18 Feet & Rising, this interactive online experience was developed and built in partnership with production company B-Reel using eye tracking technology developed by Visage Technologies.

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FaceRig now available on Steam!
/ 2014 09 02 /

FaceRig, a program that enables anyone to digitally embody various characters using only a webcam, is now available for download on Steam.

Holotech Studios, company who developed FaceRig, uses Visage Technologies face tracking software to provide the end-user with a real time head and face tracking.

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New Disney´s application uses Visage Technologies FaceTrack
/ 2014 07 07 /

The application Rat Booth uses FaceTrack to map a rat´s face onto your own and follows your movements as you look up and down, frown, blink and gaze.

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