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visage|SDK 7.4, now with emotion and gender estimation!
/ 2015 11 27 /


We are happy to announce the release of visage|SDK 7.4! Other than significantly better tracking, the major new addition is our new FaceAnalysis product, which includes emotion and gender estimation. Visage Technologies is proud to release our most stable and accurate face-tracking product, which gives our technology a great competitive advantage.

Visage Technologies is proud to serve the diverse needs of our influential client base in creating lasting business relationships. Therefore, we are providing cutting-edge functionality, features and novelties, such as:

  • gender and emotion estimation API is added
  • overall tracking quality and stability is improved
  • tracking accuracy and precision is optimized based on the frontline machine learning algorithms
  • documentation has been streamlined and enhanced.

In addition to plethora of improvements in stability and performance of our product, our team works around the clock to ensure your feedback influences the development of our major releases. We welcome any inquiries, comments, and specific suggestions about our products and services.

Meet the Visage team: computer vision workshop
/ 2015 09 24 /


CCVW 2015

CCVW 2015

This year, Visage Technologies sponsored and attended the Fourth Croatian Computer Vision Workshop, an open workshop intended to bring together Croatian and international community of researchers and industry professionals who have interest in theory and applications of computer vision and image understanding.

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Visage Technologies enters a software-testing partnership with Tentamen
/ 2015 09 07 /

tentamen-logoVisage Technologies’ team works around the clock to produce the most stable SDK up-to-date. To ensure the integrity and stability, we have developed a strong cooperation with the Croatian software-testing company Tentamen, to work with our programming team in order to deliver the optimal and stable solution, and to take into account user and stakeholder wishes about the quality of the product. Tentamen provides us with an independent view of the software, and allows us to meet the requirements and achieve the desired results faster and more accurately.

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We’re proud to announce visage|SDK 7.3, now with Flash!
/ 2015 08 19 /

We are happy to announce the release of visage|SDK 7.3 for HTML5, Windows, iOS, Android, MAC OS X, and 7.2 for Linux (Ubuntu) and RedHat. The major new addition is the first release of visage|SDK for Flash, which is currently in beta phase. Visage Technologies is excited to deliver visage|SDK, cutting-edge face-tracking products into the worldwide community of industrial and academic clients, programmers and Web-developers.

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Connect with us on social media
/ 2015 08 17 /

It’s now easier than ever to get acquainted with the newest trends in face-tracking and computer vision industry! Connect with us on Facebook and Google+ or follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube for updates on our products, face-tracking technology and insights. We are looking forward to connecting with you!


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