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Face Tracking & Animation


Our technologies can be used in variety of fields: marketing & communication, gaming, assistive technology, automotive & industrial safety, identity verification and other fields such as arts.

Visage Technologies’ head tracking technology enables Augmented Reality applications where virtual objects are placed in real time on user’s head, aligned correctly in 3D. Example include virtual try-on for eyewear, headwear or jewelry, or other marketing and retail applications as illustrated by two videos below.

The first video shows Eyewear Try-on, our Augmented Reality app for the iPad 2. The application allows to virtually try on eyewear based on fully automatic 3D head tracking technology. Prototype head tracking and facial features tracking exists also for Android and a technical demo is available. Please fill in the software evaluation request in order to download the demo from Visage Technologies Download Center.

For customised versions of this app or other custom development on mobile platforms please contact us.

The second video shows the application we developed for BAE Systems Saudi Arabia , demonstrating Eurofighter Typhoon at the annual Janadriyah show using a new interactive solution giving the visitors the feeling of being inside the plane. Video presents the experience from the point of view of the user standing in front of the screen. The user sees himself immersed in a fighter jet, wearing a fighter pilot helmet that stays on his head as he moves.

Products such as Natural Point TrackIR provide view control by simply moving the head, based on IR technology and requiring to wear an IR tag on the head. Head tracking can provide such function with a simple webcam and without wearing anything. The following demonstration video has been produced in collaboration with an academic partner.

Facial features tracking and eye tracking technologies, combined with appropriate control systems, help people with disabilities control a computer or other devices.

Advanced technologies are often embraced by artists using them in new and creative ways never imagined by creators of technology.

Such is the example of the video below, illustrating an innovative project by Jenny Lee using our head tracking technology.

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